SIP Trunking

As a NUSO platinum partner, we can offer significant savings on your monthly phone bill, even if you have an existing on-premises telephone system.

Unlimited Usage Service Bundles

  • Unlimited* local and long distance for US48 and bordering Canadian Provinces White Pages Listing
  • E911 Compliant
  • Inbound Caller ID Available
  • Operator Services

* Assumes normal business use. No call centers or dialers allowed. Unlimited Usage Service is sold on a per line (or channel) basis, and includes inbound, local, and long distance calling to US48 and Canada. Unlimited usage is governed by our Acceptable Use Policy which can be found at

Maximum of 2500 minutes per each line and is pooled across all lines. Example 6 SIP Bundle would be 6 x 2500 equals 15,000 total minutes per month.
Customer Premise Equipment must be SIP trunk compatible.