Turing AI Video Surveillance

Mastor is proud to partner with Turing AI, a company with an all-in-one platform that utilizes AI to provide FLEXIBLE, SIMPLE & ROBUST cloud video security solutions, to safeguard lives and assets in an increasingly complex world.

Turing AI’s mission is to deliver comprehensive yet flexible security surveillance solutions and platforms that empower individuals, businesses, and communities to protect what matters most. This is achieved by leveraging advanced technology, top-tier expertise, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The goal is to create a safer and more secure world, one surveillance system at a time.

FLEXIBLE, SIMPLE & ROBUST Cloud Video Monitoring Solutions

The Most Flexible Cloud Video Security System

Cloud Based Access from Any Where on Any Device

Enhance your Safety and Security Operations with Turing AI, Award Winning Cloud Video Security System

Smart Alerts in Real-Time

Smart video alerts allow you to be more proactive with your on-premise security system. Quickly & easily create AI based alerts within Turing Vision and receive notifications via app, text or email on critical areas, people or vehicles of interest, license plates and more.

Find Events in 3 Clicks

Smart video search enables you to search by Face Search, Person Attribute, and Person History. Utilizing these search functionalities enables you to rapidly and accurately search for vital events and streamline your security operations.

Share Clips Instantly

Quick video sharing features takes away the frustration of collaborating with witness accounts and sending video to
those that need it. Share AI event clips or saved video on the cloud to members of your organization, police and others via text and email.

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