Turing AI Video Surveillance

In an era where security is paramount, Mastor Telecom is proud to partner with Turing AI, a leader in artificial intelligence, to offer unparalleled cloud video security solutions. This collaboration marks a significant leap in safeguarding assets and ensuring safety in our complex world. Discover how Turing AI’s advanced technology is transforming video surveillance, making it more flexible, simple, and robust than ever before.

Why Choose Turing AI for Cloud Video Security?

Turing AI stands at the forefront of cloud-based video security, offering a platform that seamlessly blends AI technology with user-friendly features. This perfect synergy provides an all-encompassing solution that is not just reactive but proactive in dealing with security threats. From small businesses to large enterprises, Turing AI’s system is designed to adapt to various operational scales, ensuring every client’s unique security needs are met with precision and reliability.

Features That Set Turing AI Apart

Turing AI’s cloud video security solutions boast state-of-the-art features, setting new standards in the industry:

  • Smart Alerts in Real-Time: Receive instant notifications about critical events. Whether it’s identifying specific people or vehicles, detecting license plates, or monitoring key areas, Turing AI’s smart video alerts keep you informed and prepared.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities: The platform’s sophisticated search functionalities allow for quick and precise event location. Features like Face Search, Person Attribute, and Person History searches streamline security operations, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Instant Video Sharing: Collaboration is key in security operations. Turing AI simplifies this with quick video sharing capabilities, enabling you to share important AI event clips or saved videos via text and email, ensuring timely and efficient communication.

Turing AI’s Hardware Offerings

Turing AI offers a range of hardware solutions to fit various needs:

  • Smart Series: These NVR-Based solutions, including 2-12 megapixel cameras, offer local recording with cloud access, ensuring comprehensive coverage and convenience.
  • Edge+ Cloud Camera: A direct-to-cloud, NVR-less solution featuring 5-megapixel cameras, ideal for locations where NVR installation is challenging.
  • 4G Remote Security Solutions: Perfect for outdoor security needs, these solutions are compatible with major carriers and offer options like SkyShield and SolarShield for constant connectivity and coverage.

Tailoring to Your Needs – Turing AI Service Plans

Turing AI’s service plans are designed to cater to diverse requirements:

  • Turing Basic: Ideal for small-scale operations, offering free cloud VMS, edge analytics, and basic cloud case management.
  • Turing Essential: A step up from Basic, including extended cloud storage and advanced event search capabilities.
  • Turing Premium (Core AI): The ultimate solution for large-scale operations, featuring intelligent search, extensive cloud storage, and integration capabilities.

The Future of Cloud Video Security with Turing AI

Turing AI is not just about providing solutions for today but also about innovating for tomorrow. Continuous research and development ensure that Turing AI’s offerings remain at the cutting edge of technology, providing clients with the best in cloud video security.

Mastor Telecom and Turing AI are redefining the landscape of cloud video security solutions. Our partnership ensures that you have access to the most flexible, simple, and robust security system available. To learn more about how our solutions can protect what matters most to you, visit our Video Surveillance Systems page.